Talks & Tours

Alan is a frequent speaker and tour guide on urbanism and Los Angeles. To invite Alan to speak, please send an e-mail to alanloomis at


PODCAST: “Next Up: Arroyo Seco Weekend” [June 24, 2017]

TALK: “Realignments: A Symposium on Urbanism & Infrastructure” panel at Woodbury University, Burbank CA [March 28, 2017]

TALK: “Be Street Smart Glendale” talk for Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition, Pasadena CA [w/ Justin Robertson, March 6, 2017]


MODERATOR / TALK: “City of Gardens” panel for 2016 APA California Conference, Pasadena CA [October 24, 2016]

MODERATOR / TALK: “Beyond the Freeway” panel for 2016 APA California Conference, Pasadena CA [October 23, 2016]

TALK: “Space Matters” panel for Glendale Tech Week, Glendale CA [September 15, 2016]

MODERATOR: “Quick & Easy Placemaking Tactics for Small and Mid-sized Communities” panel for 2016 PedsCount! Conference, Long Beach CA [June 7, 2016]

TOUR: “Workboot Tuesday: Transit Experience” for Glendale City Council, Glendale CA [w/ Glendale Urban Design & Mobility Staff, March 22, 2016]

RADIO: “A park on top of a freeway? The plans for Glendale’s Space 134” appearance on Take Two, KPCC 89.3fm [March 15, 2016]

PODCAST: “Curating the City: Urban Designer Alan Loomis on Archinect Sessions One-to-One #12” [February 22, 2016]


TOUR: “Glendale: Planning Animated” for APA / LA 2015 Awards Ceremony, Glendale CA [w/ Michael Nilsson, June 24, 2015]

VIDEO: “Plan to Cap Los Angeles Freeways with Parks, a ‘Chance to Mend Cities’ Bakers Say” appearance on NBC4 6pm News [February 5, 2015]


TOUR: “Glendale: Planning Animated” Summer in the City for APA / LA, Glendale CA [w/ Michael Nilsson, September 20, 2014]

VIDEO: “UNIQLO LA: Urban Designer Alan Loomis” interview for UNIQLO [July 7, 2014]


VIDEO: “Space 134” interview for Glendale GTV6 [August 3, 2013]

TALK: “Laboratory for Modernity, Los Angeles, 1940-1990” for Pacific Standard Time Presents, Pasadena CA [July 11, 2013]

VIDEO: “Take a Stroll in a Park, a Freeway Park” appearance on Good Day LA, Fox 11 News [April 4, 2013]


TALK: “Downtown from Lame Street to Main Street” panel for 2011 California Downtown Association, Riverside CA [October 12, 2011]

TOUR: “Goats and Grand Performances” for MOCA Engagement Party / LA Urban Rangers, Los Angeles CA [July 7, 2011]

TALK: “Why Glendale?” panel for Glendale Association of Realtors, Glendale CA [April 21, 2011]

TALK: “Urban Design and Historic Preservation” for USC School of Architecture [April 4, 2011]


TALK: “Dingbat 2.0: Dingbat as Urban Typology” panel for LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, Hollywood CA [June 26, 2010]

RADIO: “Designing a Vibe” appearance on DnA: Design and Architecture, KCRW 89.9fm [March 16, 2010]


TALK: “Comprehensive New Urbanism for Comprehensive Plans” panel at 17th Congress for New Urbanism, Denver CO [June 11, 2009]


PRESS: “Glendale Establishes Urban Design As A Priority” Josh Stephens & Jillian Goodman for California Planning & Development Report [November 28, 2008]

TALK: “Los Angeles: Sustainability vs Sprawl” for USC School of Architecture [November 17, 2008]

TALK: “Three Great Cities and Urban Design” panel for at 2008 APA California Conference, Hollywood CA [September 23, 2008]

TALK: “Glendale’s Urban Design Studio” for AIA Pasadena & Foothill Chapter, Pasadena CA [July 11, 2008]

PRESS: “Group Has Designs On New Look For City” Jason Wells for Glendale News Press [July 5, 2008]

TALK: “The Architecture of Place and the Architecture of Object” panel for LA Regional Planning History Group, Pasadena CA [June 28, 2008]

TALK: “Urban Design and Architecture” AICP seminar for Tri-Cities APA, Pasadena CA [w/ Stephanie Reich, June 19, 2008]

TALK: “New Urbanism and the Comprehensive Plan” panel at 100th APA National Planning Conference, Las Vegas NV [April 27, 2008]

TALK: “Shifting Focus: Architecture, Urbanism and Development in the San Fernando Valley” symposium at Woodbury University School of Architecture, Burbank CA [April 18, 2008]

TALK: “Creating Form-Based Comprehensive Plans” panel at 16th Congress for New Urbanism, Austin TX [April 2, 2008]

TALK: “Character and Caliber: Design Review” panel at 2007 League of California Cities Planners Institute, Sacramento CA [March 26, 2008]


TALK: “Sustainability vs Sprawl” for Occidental College, Dept of Art & Art History [November 30, 2007]

TALK: “Generating Revenue by Creating the Authentic Downtown” panel at 2007 California Downtown Association, Long Beach CA [October 26, 2007]

TALK: “Mixing Oil and Water – Integrating Land Use and Transportation Planning” at 2007 Planning Directors Forum of Orange County, Costa Mesa CA [w/ Jano Baghdanian, October 18, 2007]

TALK: “New Urbanism and Comprehensive Plans” panel at 2007 APA California Conference, San Jose CA [October 2, 2007]

TALK: “Planning Tools” panel at Central Coast Regional Energy Planning Conference, San Luis Obispo CA [August 24, 2007]

TALK: “Incorporating New Urbanism in Comprehensive Plans” panel at 15th Congress for New Urbanism, Philadelphia PA [May 17, 2007]

TALK: “Implementing Form-Based Codes” panel at 15th Congress for New Urbanism, Philadelphia PA [May 17, 2007]

TALK: “The Promise of San Diego” panel for Citizens Coordinate for Century 3, San Diego CA [February 22, 2007]

TALK: “Implementing a Form-Based Code” panel at New Partners for Smart Growth conference, Los Angeles CA [February 9, 2007]


TALK: “Form-Based Codes without the Attitude” for AIA/LA Urban Design Committee, Los Angeles CA [w/ Hassan Haghani, November 15, 2006]

TALK: “Form-Based Codes without the Attitude” seminar at 2006 APA California Conference, Garden Grove CA [w/ Hassan Haghani, October 24, 2006]

TALK: “Death to Sprawl” panel at AIAS West Quad Conference, Los Angeles CA [October 10, 2006]

TALK: “Form-Based Codes” for AIA/LA Urban Design Committee, Los Angeles CA [October 8, 2006]

TALK: “The Dilemma of Density” at Surfacing Urbanism: 2006 ASCA West Conference, Woodbury University, Burbank CA [October 12, 2006]

TALK: “Fostering a Dialogue between Disciplines” panel for AIA/LA Urban Design Committee, Los Angeles CA [August 16, 2006]

TOUR: “Los Angeles River” for AIA National Conference, Los Angeles CA [June 9 & 11, 2006]

TALK: “Possible Futures for Downtown Los Angeles” panel at Not A Cornfield, Los Angeles CA [March 24, 2006]


TALK: “The Dilemma of Density” at 11th Biennial Conference on Planning History, Coral Gables FL [October 21, 2005]

TALK: “How ‘Smart Codes’ Can Reform LA” for Westchester Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles CA [October 11, 2005]

MODERATOR: “Corridors: The Urban Design Challenge” panel at 13th Congress for New Urbanism, Pasadena CA [June 11, 2005]

TOUR: “Los Angeles River” for Environmental Media Association [w/ Jennifer Price & Jennifer Wolch, April 16, 2005]

TOUR: “Downtown Los Angeles” for Occidental College, Dept of Art & Art History [March 9, 2005]


TALK: “Sustainability vs Sprawl: Revisiting Banham’s 4 Ecologies” for GardenLAb exhibition, Pasadena CA [October 16, 2004]

TOUR: “Los Angeles River” for Woodbury Univ, Dept of Architecture [October 15, 2004]

TOUR: “Downtown Los Angeles” for Occidental College, Dept of Art & Art History [October 9,2004]

TALK: “Making TOD Legal: Form-Based Codes” panel at Rail~Volution conference, Los Angeles CA [September 21, 2004]

TALK: “The Dilemma of Density” at Gimme Shelter, Annual California Studies Conference, Loyola Marymount Univ, CA [April 23, 2004]

TOUR: “Los Angeles River” for USC Sustainable Cities program [August 1, 2004]

TOUR: “Los Angeles River” for USC Landscape program [February 28, 2004]

TOUR: “Downtown Los Angeles” for Occidental College, Dept of Art & Art History [w/ Lize Mogel, February 24, 2004]


TOUR: “Los Angeles River” for Historical Society of Southern California [w/ Jennifer Price, June 8, 2003]

TOUR: “Olvera Street” for USC Dept of Art [w/ Lize Mogel, March 6, 2003]


TALK: “New Urbanism” for Women’s Environmental Council, Los Angeles CA [February 20, 2001]

TALK: “Urban Design Issues in Los Angeles” for AIA Student Forum conference, Los Angeles CA [January 1, 2001]