The Promise of San Diego

The Promise of San Diego – John Nolen’s Comprehensive Plan Centennial Retrospective 1907-2007

Just this week, during chairman Ron Robert’s state of the county address, a promise was made that our city and county would build a “magnificent water front park that was first envisioned in 1908.” Nolen’s 100-year old comprehensive plan actually envisioned many of the promises being made in San Diego today: a new City Hall, Neighborhood Parks, Balboa Park management, in addition to our waterfront. Please join us as our panel discusses John Nolen’s Plan in terms of the past (our history), present, and future.

Moderator: Howard M. Blackson III, Urban Designer

Speakers: Honorable Ron Roberts, Chairman, County of San Diego Board of Supervisors; Roger Showley, San Diego Union-Tribune; Alan Loomis, City of Glendale Urban Designer and Woodbury Architecture Urban Design History Professor.

Citizens Coordinate for Century 3, San Diego CA, February 22, 2007