Crafting Residential Objective Development Standards

California State laws, including 2017’s Senate Bill No. 35 and 2019’s Senate Bill No. 330, require housing development projects to be reviewed against objective development standards (ODS). Certain projects may only be denied approval by local governments if they violate objective standards, which must be verifiable and measurable. Come learn from professionals in the industry, from both the private and public sector, about recent case studies (cities adopting ODS), best practices, and how your community can most effectively update your residential standards to be objective, while still achieving high quality design.

Speakers: Christine Bablat, Urban Design and Planning Practice Leader, Ascent Environmental; Alan A Loomis, AICP, Principal of Urban Design at PlaceWorks; Ricardo Soto, Principal Planner, City of Sana Ana

OCAPA/PDAOC, Seminar, Tustin CA, March 16, 2023