Why Glendale?

Increasing our knowledge about the City of Glendale will enhance our ability as Real Estate professionals to better inform our clients about this great community. The chosen speakers will inform us of what’s new and coming soon to the community of Glendale, how these City of Glendale departments benefits the community and how they successfully operate in a culturally diverse city.

Speakers: Harold Scoggins, Fire Chief, Fire Department; Ray Edey, Polic Captain, Police Department; Mark Berry, Senior Project Manager, Community Development & Planning; Alan Loomis, Principal Urban Designer, Community Development & Planning; Dave Ahren, Capital Project Administration, Community Services & Parks; Joanne Venditto, Community Services Manager, Community Services & Parks; Craig Kuennen, Business Transformation and Marketing, Glendale Water & Power

Glendale Association of Realtors, April 21, 2011