Corridors: The Urban Design Challenge

Rarely a destination itself, the urban corridor resists design strategies – such as compaction, shared uses and localized identify – applied so successfully to neighborhoods and districts. Corridors extend beyond the 5 minute walk, frequently cross multiple jurisdictions and interest groups, attract automobile-oriented commercial uses, and shoulder high volumes of traffic. But corridors are being urbanized. This session will explore urban design responses to the unique characteristics of the corridor – an essential part of the skeletal structure of the Polycentric City.

Moderator: Alan Loomis, Urban Designer, Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists

Speakers: Lisa Padilla, Principal, Zimmer Gunsal Frasca Partnership; Gregory Tung, Principal, Freedman Tung & Bottomley

13th Annual Congress for New Urbanism, Pasadena CA