Urban Growth and Building for People

This panel of distinguished guests will address some of the pressing questions that arise when discussing the future of the built environment in a large urban city, such as Long Beach. Architecture, by definition, is built to serve people, but does it serve all people and what is its impact on established neighborhoods, economics and the environment? The panel will discuss important issues related to the renewal of urban spaces and preservation, gentrification and displacement and growth and environmental concerns.

Moderator: Michael Bohn, AIA, Senior Principal, Design Director, Studio One Eleven

Speakers: Katie Rispoli Keaotamai, Founder and CEO, Ticco; Jennifer Lentz, Ph.D., Education Coordinator for Climate Resilience and Citizen Science Programs, Aquarium of the Pacific; Alan A Loomis, AICP, City Urban Designer, City of Santa Monica; Tom Tredway, Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach

Long Beach Architecture Week, June 5, 2019