Space 134 makes News

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Space 134 has been trending in the local media since we presented the latest vision plan to City Council on March 1, 2016.

A park on top of a freeway? The plans for Glendale’s Space 134” Take Two on KPCC 89.3fm [March 15, 2016]

Glendale City Council hopes to build 24-acre park over 134 Freeway” ABC 7 [March 10, 2016]

More details on Glendale’s “freeway cap park” emerge” [March 9, 2016]

Exploring Glendale’s Proposed Freeway Cap Park” Urbanize.LA [March 7, 2016]

A Look at the Proposed Plans for Glendale’s Freeway Cap Park” Timeout Los Angeles [March 7, 2016]

Take a Look at Glendale’s Plans For a Park on Top of the 134 Freeway” Curbed Los Angeles [March 7, 2016]

Deep in the heart of Texas, Glendale searches for inspiration for proposed park over Ventura Freeway” Glendale News Press / Los Angeles Times [March 4, 2016]

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