Space 134


Space 134 is a vision plan and “proof-of-concept” study for a 25-acre “freeway cap park” over and adjacent to the 134 Freeway between Central Avenue and Glendale Avenue. Envisioned to extend nearly a full mile and cover almost 25 acres over freeway trench, the Space 134 park would re-connect the community to the city’s civic, cultural, and business core with public open space and pedestrian- and bike-friendly trails. The 5-acre first phase surrounded by downtown Glendale’s class-A office towers, was also designed to serve as both a public plaza and a transit hub for future Brand Boulevard Streetcar and NoHo-Pasadena Bus Rapid Transit. Equally important, Space 134 would physically heal the divide between north and south Glendale created when the freeway construction destroyed neighborhoods in the late 1960s.

The project was entirely funded by the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) through Compass Blueprint Grants.

The Space 134 Vision Plan, prepared by Melendrez (now RELM), is available online at

Alan Loomis was the City of Glendale’s Team Leader for Space 134 project.


2016 ASLA Southern California Merit Award

2014 APA / Los Angeles Urban Design Award of Merit

2013 Westside Urban Forum Design Award


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