Next Up

Archinect hosted their 5th Next Up podcasting event on June 24th at the inaugural Arroyo Seco Weekend festival inside Bureau Spectacular‘s “Field House.” Interviewees included Mimi Zeiger, David Freeland, Ali Jeevanjee, Poonam Sharma, Jimenez Lai, Alex Dahm, Benjamin Ball, Sarah Lorenzen and Peter Tolkin; conversations focused on temporary architecture, installations, festival design and planning, and the festival’s host city of Pasadena, CA.

Paul also spoke with me about the current state of urban planning as a profession, my experience of working in different parts of LA county, and the evolving architectural identity of Pasadena.

“Pasadena is not defined by style. But if you walk around Old Town, what you discover is this amazing network of publicly accessible alleys and hidden courtyards that feel almost European or maybe East Coast, or kind of like New Orleans. So I think Pasadena architecture is really about this figure-ground, in which there is a real open network for pedestrians at the sidewalk and ground level to penetrate through and connect different buildings.”

For the full series of interviews, visit Archinect.

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