Downtown Mobility Report Card


The Downtown Specific Plan (2006) and Downtown Mobility Study (2007) provided a framework for creating an “18-hour” Downtown that is well-served by all transportation modes.

Over the past decade, the City and its partners have worked diligently to implement many of the recommendations in these plans, such as installation of parking meters on Brand Boulevard, a comprehensive revision to the parking code, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements, and the prioritization of new development that supports a multimodal place. A decade since these plans were adopted, Downtown has changed significantly, and continues to grow in 2017, with developments and local investments creating an environment for urban living.

As such, the Downtown Mobility Report Card provides an opportunity to understand how the plans have guided change. The Report Card seeks to help the community better understand the impacts of these two plans and what the tangible outcomes have been on Downtown. The findings of the Report Card creates benchmarks for the City to track mobility trends over time, and offer recommendations for improving data availability. The Report Card has four primary goals:

  1. Move beyond perceptions and anecdote. Gather and use data to identify real trends and outcomes. 
  1. Use the findings to inform, educate, and remind stakeholders about the community-defined vision for Downtown. 
  1. Set a benchmark, allowing the City to continually calibrate findings and identify trends as data improves and is updated. 
  1. Offer recommendations to both improve data tracking and further implementation of the DSP and DMS.

The Downtown Mobility Report Card provides an opportunity to check-in on Downtown’s progress and improve shared knowledge. The use of data enables an objective assessment of the successes and ongoing challenges. Future updates to this report will allow the community to better understand and refine its Downtown story.

As Deputy Director for Urban Design & Mobility at the City of Glendale, Alan Loomis was the Team Leader for the Downtown Mobility Report Card., which was researched and drafted by Nelson/Nygaard.

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