Glendora Plazas

PlaceWorks is creating permanent landscape plans and selecting street furniture for two temporary pedestrian plazas created by the pandemic-era closure of Meda Avenue in downtown Glendora as well as for the nearby Bus Plaza—an existing landscaped, midblock passage.

Expanding on the city’s parklet program, PlaceWorks is developing conceptual plans for each plaza. The plazas already have unique relationships to the businesses around them, and the plazas will be themed to enhance these relationships. Meda Plazas will cater to adjacent restaurants, providing outdoor seating, a lounge, games, and an undulating play area. Playful colors and materials for shade and furnishing will help create appealing gathering spaces within the plazas. The Bus Plaza will see some existing landscape elements removed to create a more useable open audience space and make better use of an existing raised area as a stage for community events. Mobile seating options will replace fixed benches to allow an element of user customization when visiting.

Alan Loomis is PlaceWorks’ Principal-in-Charge for the Glendora Plazas. 

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