Los Alamitos Town Center

The Los Alamitos Town Center Strategic Plan provides a framework to revitalize, reimagine, and strengthen the heart of Los Alamitos. The Strategic Plan aims to establish a pedestrian-oriented Town Center at the intersection of Katella and Los Alamitos Boulevards, in the physical center of the City. A market-based, urban design plan and strategy, it clearly illustrates to private real estate interests the potential of properties in this area with the goal to attract the scale and type of development desired by the City.

The Plan leverages the City’s existing practice of hosting community events on Pine Street to imagine this one-block corridor as the spine for a dynamic town center of various commercial, community and residential uses. It proposes a streetscape project on Pine Street to create an attractive environment for outdoor dining, shopping, on-street parking as well as city-wide festivals and events requiring the closure of the street to vehicles. Adjacent to Pine Street, the Plan anticipates a variety of mixed-use development with an emphasis on food uses and outdoor dining options located in multiple courtyards and pedestrian paseos, with connection to the historic St. Isidore building. Within these core blocks are optimum sites for a new hotel, stand-alone commercial uses, and a parking structure that can be shared by multiple sites and uses in the Town Center.

To encourage pedestrian connections from this Pine Street district to other sites in the Town Center area as well as the Medical Center and adjoining neighborhoods, the Plan proposes wide, tree-lined sidewalks on Los Alamitos Boulevard and Katella Avenue, as well as other adjacent streets. The Plan anticipates additional mixed-use development along these streets, and throughout the Town Center promotes new residential and housing options.

Alan Loomis was Principal-in-Charge / Project Manager for the Los Alamitos Town Center Strategic Plan. 


Los Alamitos officials reimagining future of the city” Event-News Enterprise [April 27, 2022]

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