Downtown Newhall Specific Plan


Newhall, an historic Southern California community located in the 250-square mile Santa Clarita Valley, has been gradually surrounded by suburban development over the past 50 years. In order to repair the damages caused by sprawl, this 300-acre Specific Plan and Form-Based Code, adopted in 2006, reestablishes the community’s connections along two Corridors, intensifies the two historic Neighborhoods that flank the downtown and transforms the original 1870s settlement into a Transit-Oriented District linked by commuter rail to Los Angeles.

The Specific Plan maintains regional access to the community while converting vast amounts of surface parking and automotive-related industry to mixed-use and Transit-Oriented Housing. The centerpiece is a new five-block, 300,000-square-foot main street organized as a formal avenue that is terminated by major civic institutions, including a new branch library. Two strategically located Park-Once garages wrapped with mixed-use buildings are proposed to reinforce the area’s urban character.

Alan Loomis was the Senior Urban Designer / Co-Project Manager for the Downtown Newhall Specific Plan while employed by Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists.


2007 APA / Los Angeles Planning Excellence Award for Best Practice