Azusa General Plan & Code

azusa regulating plan

This General Plan and Code transforms the City of Azusa from a typical postwar suburb of production house tracts and commercial strips into a town of distinct, compact neighborhoods that surround a vibrant downtown.

In contrast to conventional planning practices based upon use-exclusive functional zoning, this Plan is based on a form-dependent regulatory geography of Neighborhoods, Districts and Corridors. Extensive fieldwork, public participation and input from City staff established the boundaries, unique character and physical conditions of the City and, in addition, envisioned the future of each of Azusa’s existing places.

The Plan and Code were both developed with a community-based planning process that focused on physical improvements that follow the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism.

Alan Loomis was the Senior Urban Designer / Project Manager for the Azusa General Plan & Code while employed by Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists.


2008 SCAG Compass Blueprint Visionary Planning for Livability Award

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