Azusa Civic Center Master Plan


The Azusa Civic Center Master Plan outlines a strategy for enhancing and expanding the institutional heart of this East San Gabriel Valley city. A unified frame of landscape and civic structures surrounding the historic City Hall and one-block Village Green is planned, which will include both new construction and renovation of existing elements.

The Plan reorganizes the village green into a coherent pattern of three park types: a formal front lawn, a casual green and a surface parking lot landscaped as a zócalo for festivals. Streets bordering the park are reconfigured in a distinctive landscape of shade trees, palms and medians with street parking. New civic buildings, including a library and youth center that will complement the existing police station and senior center, are proposed for the vacant lots that now face City Hall.

Alan Loomis was the Senior Urban Designer / Project Manager for the Azusa Civic Center Master Plan while employed by Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists.