Urban Nomenclature


Edge Cities Joel Garreau, Post Suburbia Rob Kling, Spencer Olin, Mark Poster, Outer Cities Jack Rosenthal, New Cities Louis Masotti, Satellite Sprawl Anthony Downs, Technoburbia Robert Fishman, Urban Villages Kenneth Jackson, Christopher Leinberger, Charles Lockwood, Middle Landscapes Peter Rowe, Centerless Cities Kenneth Jackson, Exopolis Ed Soja, Technopolis Allen Scott, Perimeter Cities Stephen Kieran, James Timberlake, Generic Cities Rem Koolhaas, Lite Urbia Rem Koolhaas, Semi Cities William Whyte, Slopolis Herbert McLaughlin, Minicities Peter Muller, Mallopolis James Millar, McUrbia Kenneth Helphand, Suburban Downtowns Truman Hartshorn & Peter Muller, Suburban Activity Centers Urban Land Institute, Major Diversified Centers Thomas Baerwald, Urban Cores Robert Charles Lesser And Company, Galactic Cities Pierce Lewis, Pepperoni-Pizza Cities Peter Muller, City Of Realms James Vance, Jr, Superburbia Philadelphia Magazine, Disurbia (Dense, Industrial, And Self-contained Suburban Region) Mark Baldassare, Service Cities James Timberlake, Peripheral Cities James Timberlake, Tomorrowland David Beers, Slurb Ada Louise Huxtable, Growth Corridors Robert Fishman, Silicon Landscapes Peter Hall & Ann Markusen, Mega Centers Unknown, Suburban Cities Unknown, Spread Cities Regional Plan Association, Outtown Unknown, Nonplace Urban Realm Melvin Webber, Polynucleated Cities Unknown, Zwischenstadt Tomas Sieverts, Antipolis Roemer Van Toorn,Transformed Suburbia Mark Baldassare, Ageographical Cities Micheal Sorkin, Cyburbia Walter Wriston, X-Urbia Mario Gandelsonas, Posturbia R.E. Somol, Midopolis Joel Kotkin, Supersuburia Carl Abbott, Patchwork Quilt Cities Burdette Keeland, Monopoly Cities Reyner Banham, Mobility Cities Ada Louise Huxtable, Liquid Cities Lorenzo Thomas, Ephemeral Cities Bruce Webb, Subtopia Ian Nairn

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