Shifting Focus

Architecture, Urbanism & Development in the San Fernando Valley

What will be the Valley’s identity as it SHIFTS FOCUS from a collection of suburbs to a regional center?

This symposium is organized around the four planning principles of Housing, Transportation, Recreation and Work. Gail Goldberg, Planning Director for the City of Los Angeles will discuss Housing; Diego Cardoso, Executive Officer, Transportation Development and Implementation, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority will discuss Transportation; Esther Margolies, Partner at Mia Lehrer + Associates will discuss Recreation; Roberto Barragann, President & CEO Valley Economic Development Center will discuss Work; Mott Smith, Principal of Civic Enterprise Development LLC will moderate; Nick Roberts, Professor in the School of Architecture at Woodbury University will offer Introductory Remarks; and Alan Loomis, Principal Urban Designer for the City of Glendale will summarize recent Planning Projects.

Woodbury University, Burbank CA, April 18, 2008