Character and Caliber: Design Review

This session will cover three common options for implementing design review, and highlight the review process and supporting documents necessary to implement each option.  Emphasis will be placed on the considerations and criteria necessary to establish fair, predictable, and successful design review procedures.

The following options will be reviewed:

  • Municipalities without a formal Design Review Board or Commission – design review decisions made by Planning staff
  • Municipalities with a Design Review Board (or board that assumes this role in addition to other responsibilities, such as Planning Commission) – Planning staff advises the board, but board makes design review decisions
  • Municipalities with a designated Design Review Board, and on-staff or on-call consultant urban designer and/or town architect – Planning staff makes recommendations to the board, but board makes final decisions.

SpeakersAlan Loomis, Principal Urban Designer, City of Glendale CA; Stephanie Reich, Senior Urban Designer, City of Glendale CA

2007 League of California Cities Planners Institute, Sacramento CA